Adel Zarei Law Firm

Adel Zarei Law Firm, with the cooperation of experienced lawyers, has about a quarter of a century of experience and successful activity in various fields of law & legal services..

.This firm has tried to maintain its position at the top of successful legal institutions in the country by using updated and new methods to achieving the best possible results. By continuous follow-up, compassion and cooperation with clients, we strive to provide them peace of mind in difficult legal processes.

Meanwhile, the trust of many of the most reputable domestic and foreign institutions and companies and other clients shows the loyalty of this institution to the best professional performance from the past years until now.


 We believe that the credibility and success of a law firm was achieved in the light of a broader and broader perspective on jurisprudence. The view of this collection is to pay comprehensive attention to the client as a human being or a person with wants and needs wider than just spending a problem or legal advice, and therefore maximum response, companionship, with the client continuous follow-up along with using the best and most up-to-date methods. Our policy is to provide the best possible services to the clients of this institute.